Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jubilee Story 2: A Beautiful Cat Named Murray

While at the bookstore Jubilee found a stuffed hamster that she wanted. I told her she had to earn it by writing 5 stories. Here is story number two.

A Beautiful Cat Named Murray

Once upon a time there was a beautiful cat named Murray. Sh played with 5 cats: Tack, Mo-an, Princess Meh, Neh, and Kuh. them played all together. They Played Hide-in-Closet. They played Hide a lot in the storybook. Neh was the best at the game. She was the best at the game because I love her.

Next was laying eggs. Neh layed one egg. The egg was purple. the egg was at my house, in the glass bowl. It hatched,it exploded, and turned into a bird. The bird was pink and purple. The bird flyed. It flyed all the way into your toe. And it flyed and flyed and changed colors like a chameleon.

It fell in love. It fell in love with Meke the Princess. they got a ring. them got glasses. then them got a dress. Them found a royal ring. It glowed up and made a Mermaid Kingdom. The End.

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