Monday, June 28, 2010

Friendly Advice, Impossible Numbers & Colors, and The Abyss

  1. For my friend Lori, impossible life advice: Grow your own. Raise your children to be anarchists. Sleep your way to the middle. Pay bills on the float. Gamble away the college money on lottery tickets. Drink the medium stuff. But keep your good friends close because they'll get you through the rest of that crap. And never forget the lube.
  2. If it is slippery, it is fun... regardless of context.
  3. One day there will be an impossible number list that will include eleventy-seven, urtyteen, thirtyleven, and kittenteenth.
  4. There is a blue I see in my dreams that cannot exist in real life and it's called Impossiblue.
  5. Belief is that tingly feeling when the universe stares back into you.
  6. Racism comes about when small minded people strive to achieve great things.

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