Friday, July 17, 2009

Girl Talk - Feed The Animals Tracks

Feed the Animals by Girl Talk

Track listing

An incomplete list of sampled tracks is included under each song.
However, the CD includes a list of source material, listing both the
song and the artist. Each track is named after a lyric contained in one of the songs it samples.

1. "Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" - 4:45

2. "Shut the Club Down" - 3:07

3. "Still Here" - 3:57

4. "What It's All About" - 4:15

5. "Set It Off" - 3:42

6. "No Pause" - 3:12

7. "Like This" - 3:21

8. "Give Me a Beat" - 4:12

9. "Hands in the Air" - 4:20

10. "In Step" - 3:23

11. "Let Me See You" - 4:04

12. "Here's the Thing" - 4:46

13. "Don't Stop" - 2:58

14. "Play Your Part (Pt. 2)" - 3:25

Unindentified samples

The following tracks were sampled on the album and listed on the "Source Material" inlet of the album, but the track in which the track is sampled is currently unknown.

In Praise of Girl Talk

I have mentioned this album to several people, but it bears repeating. In fact, it bears writing about it a little. "Feed the Animals" by Girl Talk is a tremendous album that comes on like the final exam for a Master Class in pop music. It contains bits and pieces of hundreds of songs put together like a whole new language. Some people ahve dismissed it as a set of DJ tracks or remixes, but that is a gross misunderstanding of the encyclopedic knowledge of music and skill required to create this album. Imagine taking the all the songs you know and, instead of mixing those songs together in a giant crossfading mixtape, taking just the best parts of those songs and matching the beats and keys of each little part while layering them on top of each other to create a new song.

I challenge you to listen to it and write down the songs you think you hear. Then go to this list and check your work. The crazy part is that the list is not comprehensive.

Oh, and it'll make your head move in the car, your rump shake in the kitchen, and your toes tap in the office. Provided you have headphones on, because there is a fair amount of expletives heavily seasoned throughout.

Now enjoy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun for a dollar

There is a bag of chips in the vending machine weighing in at a hefty 1.75oz that costs a dollar. I believe I can get 1.75oz of something more fun for a dollar.

At least I thought so. Turns out I was mostly wrong about the amount of fun you can purchase for a dollar. Here's some examples:
-63-piece Disney "Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End" puzzle
-Box of 220 facial tissues
-Who's Your Daddy energy drink
-2.2 pound bag of bananas... Read More
-10 pack of Zack Farms hot dogs
-1.5 foot x 1 foot American flag w/ plastic stick

Upon further review,my original hypothesis is correct. The world is your oyster - for a dollar!

Get yourself a 3 pk. Corex brand "Family Condom"

and when they don't work ...
One Time U-Check Pregnancy Test Kit
According to the box you can "use any time of day". Helpful tip.

Fret not because the fashion world is also represented for a dollar.
How about this "scarf"

These Lace Panties in sizes S/M/L (sorry bigger girls, no XL) but they do come in assorted colors (pre stained?)

Don't leave home without your "Cell phone eyeshadow keychain"

If you are a domestic god(dess) on a budget you might appreciate these:
1 qt milk container

The "ceramic chicken pie maker"

How about when your banana gets that not-so-fresh feeling? Use a Mesh banana bag
(Maybe this should have been in the fashion section?)

And to combat the age-old problem of stale sandwich cookies, and only for a dollar?

Wow, what CAN'T you do for a dollar these days? Can I borrow one?