Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun for a dollar

There is a bag of chips in the vending machine weighing in at a hefty 1.75oz that costs a dollar. I believe I can get 1.75oz of something more fun for a dollar.

At least I thought so. Turns out I was mostly wrong about the amount of fun you can purchase for a dollar. Here's some examples:
-63-piece Disney "Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End" puzzle
-Box of 220 facial tissues
-Who's Your Daddy energy drink
-2.2 pound bag of bananas... Read More
-10 pack of Zack Farms hot dogs
-1.5 foot x 1 foot American flag w/ plastic stick

Upon further review,my original hypothesis is correct. The world is your oyster - for a dollar!

Get yourself a 3 pk. Corex brand "Family Condom"

and when they don't work ...
One Time U-Check Pregnancy Test Kit
According to the box you can "use any time of day". Helpful tip.

Fret not because the fashion world is also represented for a dollar.
How about this "scarf"

These Lace Panties in sizes S/M/L (sorry bigger girls, no XL) but they do come in assorted colors (pre stained?)

Don't leave home without your "Cell phone eyeshadow keychain"

If you are a domestic god(dess) on a budget you might appreciate these:
1 qt milk container

The "ceramic chicken pie maker"

How about when your banana gets that not-so-fresh feeling? Use a Mesh banana bag
(Maybe this should have been in the fashion section?)

And to combat the age-old problem of stale sandwich cookies, and only for a dollar?

Wow, what CAN'T you do for a dollar these days? Can I borrow one?

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