Monday, May 20, 2013

Working with Tools. Part 1

After returning from Germany, one of my work colleagues (K) who went on the trip stopped by my desk to see how my return flight was. Small talk, small talk, small talk...

I mentioned that I brought home some delicious and hardy German bread from a cool bakery I found on Hauptstra├če. I explained it was called "Candy Mix" and she got all flustered like it was actually filled with candy. I told her that it was a truly multigrain bread unlike the brown white bread we get in the US. I told her it was covered and filled with nuts and seeds. We proceeded to have this conversation.

K: Did you claim it on your customs form?
M: Why?
K: Seeds.
M: Seeds? No. That part of the form is about plants and plantable seeds. Like Agriculture.
K:It doesn't matter. It doesn't specify what kind of seeds.
M: Would you really would have claimed a loaf of multigrain bread because of the seeds.
K:Yes, I would.
K:Yes, it says seeds.
M:Would you claim a poppyseed muffin?
M:A poppyseed muffin? Come on.
K:Well, did I eat it at the airport?
M:If you did you wouldn't have to claim it.
K:Then yes, still.
M: Have you ever heard anybody talk about the Spirit of the Law over the Letter of the Law?
K:Sure, I know the letter of the law.
M:That's for sure.

And you might extrapolate that working and traveling with her is a freaking treat. I'm not saying that I enjoy "rule breakers" but I certainly do not enjoy strict adherents to the rules. No fun. No fun at all.