Thursday, August 9, 2012

My next band...

My next band will be a hardcore emo shoegazer project in which every song will evoke the emotional equivalent of a lemon-juice-eye-scrape. We will be named The Duckling Slaughterhouse 5. Our first LP will be entitled Unexpurgated. You will not be cool enough to attend our first show but you may be cool enough to lie and say you were there... and we sucked.

Track 1: Runny Nose and Bad Intent
Track 2: Auto-Neurotic Asphyxiation
Track 3: Unironic Love Song in D Minor
Track 4: Laughtrack for My Loneliness
Track 5: Brunchfuck
Track 6: Arterial Insufficiency
Track 7: Swallow (Or the Terrorists Win)
Track 8: Whiskeyboarding
Track 9: The Unbearable Lightness of Joy
Track 10: It's Only Hard Until it Isn't
Track 11: I Sparkle, I Bite
Track 12: Spankthrift

Bonus Track: Twerkfare
And a 6 minute darkwave cover of: