Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Magic of Words

Imagine a minute that we live in a orld where magic exists. Not the wand waving, cursed apple, sparkly vampire kind of magic world, but a world where the careful application of words can affect people's perception of this world. You don't need to imagine it, because this is where we live. Today. And just like in the magical realms we read about, the naming of things have power - real power. Instead of calling someone "poor" you call them "lazy". Instead of "disabled" you call them "spaz". Instead of "hope you call it "unrealistic". Perceptions can change when the words are heard enough. Perceptions definitely change when you say the words enough. Choose your words wisely, whether you say them or hear them. We can all be magicians in this world. Are you a good one or an evil one? Choose wisely.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It's time to shoot for the moon. I sincerely doubt Bernie's proposals will be ruinous. Frankly, we'd be lucky to get a couple through congress. Realistically, congress would never go for them all and as proposed. But to simply be content with incremental changes is the weakness of moderation -all the time. If we don't go for it then we will never get there. It's the Dichotomy Paradox. Hence the reference to the moonshot. We will never know what we are capable of unless we try. There is great value in trying. The lessons we can learn from trying. But to dismiss a thing as impossible is to discount its value and the value of trying. I find value in all Sanders' proposals. And if only meet half of them or only get halfway there then we are better off. I'm an optimist, but also a realist. Now is the time to try to be both. We are two countries and the poorest more disenfranchised will never be able to succeed if the richest most privileged tell us it's impossible... And we listen.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Foolishness

I got my first car.
I lost my first car.
I got a fast car, fast enough to fly away
My favorite author was born.
My favorite author died.
I published my first book
I lost my only book to a computer crash
My favorite musician was born.
My favorite musician died.
I sold my first song
My first song was stolen
I had my first drink.
I had my last drink.
I had my first cigarette.
I had my last cigarette.
In the midnight hour I cried, "more... more... more."
With a rebel yell I cried, "more...more...more."
I started my forever job.
I lost my forever job
I got the first punch on my V-card
I got the tenth punch on my V-card and a free 6" sub.
I was denied recruitment due to disability
I witnessed a UFO
I witnessed an Angel
I witnessed a Demon
I became a Jehovah's Witness
I started my own cult, by accident
I saw my favorite band in concert.
I saw my least favorite band in concert
I went to my first concert
My first visit to the bookmobile
My last visit to the bookmobile
I drove the bookmobile
I found my true love
I lost my first love
I found my first love with my true love, lovin' each other