Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Magic of Words

Imagine a minute that we live in a orld where magic exists. Not the wand waving, cursed apple, sparkly vampire kind of magic world, but a world where the careful application of words can affect people's perception of this world. You don't need to imagine it, because this is where we live. Today. And just like in the magical realms we read about, the naming of things have power - real power. Instead of calling someone "poor" you call them "lazy". Instead of "disabled" you call them "spaz". Instead of "hope you call it "unrealistic". Perceptions can change when the words are heard enough. Perceptions definitely change when you say the words enough. Choose your words wisely, whether you say them or hear them. We can all be magicians in this world. Are you a good one or an evil one? Choose wisely.

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