Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visions and Whispers in the Dark, Misreading, and World Leading

  1. I have seen the Fnords.
  2. "Human" Males and Females are different species that have formed a symbiotic relationship based on the necessity to procreate. As proof consider that which often disgusts a woman, equally excites a man.
  3. In these trying economic times and with the tightening of the belt comes the need of a nourishing lunch for a nickel again.
  4. Like late-night snippets of faraway AM radio broadcasts, the following phrases have popped into my head throughout my life, in response to and apropos of nothing: "Don't you know who I am?"; "Oranges? O-ranges!"; "Liberty Flibbertigibbet"; "There used to be a piano here."
  5. The trend of ignoring labels will come to a head when emolliating cream is replaced with immolation cream. People may grumble at first, but they will still report to Carousel in the hope of Renewal.
  6. The DNA of Peter Ustinov is being preserved for the day when the World Federalist Movement needs its first Leader.

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