Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love American Style, Lost, Weeds, on Mute and Recorded for Later

  1. I once lived a lifetime with her in an afternoon.
  2. When your actual weight is 10 pounds under the lie you told on your driver's license, the wheel begins to spin backward.
  3. A hybrid between the peanut and hemp plants would be the most versatile and most politically volatile plant ever cultivated.
  4. There comes a time in a relationship where two people are so familiar with each other that external communication is unnecessary and that the whole of the day can be summed up with either a thumbs up or thumbs down right before bed.
  5. Sooner than later, all the changes in the TV lineups will be so fluid and unmanageable that no one will watch "live" TV but go to their DVR or Computer to see the latest episode of their favorite show.
  6. The islands are *NOT* calling me home.

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