Friday, May 28, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Awesome, Something You & Christopher Walken

  1. In response to all the confusion over the word "Theory", it will now be called The Law of Adaptation. So get over it and ... adapt. (Please Read "Life's Grand Design" by Kenneth Miller"
  2. We have adapted our number system (Base 10) from the visual stimulus of number of fingers/toes. On the planet of blind shark people, it is based on the number of teeth in their mouth (Base 3000).
  3. When I am not ever-vigilante, the lines of perceptive bend before the vanishing point and the horizon collapses.
  4. The extremes of personal physical enhancement will swing hard the other way until people are totally cool with how they look and may pounce on and eat the fleshy parts of the altered people.
  5. Very soon the women of the United States, regardless of differences, will unite to ouster the male dominated federal and state governmental bodies. Worldwide in that same year, every election in which women are allowed to vote will echo the female revolution.
  6. Modern music is on the precipice of getting awesome, ubiquitous, terrible, and inescapable all at the same time.

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