Monday, March 22, 2010

3/22- -6 impossible things I believed before breakfast

  1. There is a color that, while seemingly invisible, when experienced makes us hungry.
  2. Like the Lyre Bird which can approximate any sound it hears, there is a large mammal that can approximate anything it sees, but it only sees in black and white.
  3. Non-Newtonian fluids could be mixed with tattoo ink to make us bulletproof.
  4. Underneath the matted and knotted fur of any creature is something unbelievably soft, you just have to work to get at it.
  5. Reality isn't made just by you, it is a tapestry woven by society and if there wasn't the pulling tight of opposing fibers it would fall apart with fragility.
  6. God/The Great Maker/The Prime Mover must be feminine because boobs are the greatest creation in all of creation.

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