Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30 - 6 impossible things I believed before breakfast

  1. We have had music for thousands of years, and music videos for decades, the next innovation in music will be heaven scented.
  2. No good can come from blue food neither from anything watermelon flavored.
  3. I believe a blade could be created by a master swordsmith, using the old methods,  such that it is one molecule thick at its finest and that this blade could split matter in twain.
  4. A meeting between the largest flea and the smallest dog would be disastrous if not fascinating.
  5. A young child's description of the world is pure creativity because they yet don't have the experience or the vocabulary to do it uncreatively.
  6. One day we will discover a drug that blocks all pain, both physical and emotional, but it will makes us inhuman.

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