Thursday, July 1, 2010

Because the Self-Righteous Make Me Angry... and Sad

  1. Ignorance makes the heart grow harder.
  2. Faith is often what's left when intelligence and self-reflection fail.
  3. What you believe and what I believe should never meet. (Especially on the field of battle - I got a dragon, you got a dude with a beard. He better be Merlin.)
  4. Hate is a response to hurt, but I can't for the life of me understand what hurt people in love have done to people who hate them for being of the same sex.
  5. The preferred sex of the person I love is so far down the list of how I define myself that is comes after "commuter" in a list that starts like this: nerd, father, husband, brother, son, human being, man, friend, writer, music lover, funny guy, business systems analyst, 80% bacon, diabetic, commuter, white...
  6. Every organized religion is as much about including those who believe as excluding those who don't.

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