Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ready, Set, Twirl!

  1. I was born breech, ass first, into this world, and that's how I'll go out.
  2. Some people think it's about the Race, others think it's the Finish, but if you revel in just showing up to the Start it makes going to work a lot easier.
  3. Living in a universe designed by little girls would be ideal because all it takes to "Feel Better" is hand lotion, glitter, a kiss, and a nap.
  4. Also, never overlook the transformative power of a twirl.
  5. I believe there are parts of me that consist of wax and paper. So it is possible I haven't really lost weight, only volume, due to wilting in this heat.
  6. The fruit is at the bottom because if it were on the top, that's all anybody would eat.

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