Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Return to Impossible

  1. The transference of an emotion, an idea, an image, or a notion through a medium is the essence of art.
  2. Before Queen E, I fancied myself a Child of Honor, which is to say that I have groomed Friesians as Hengist for the Old Frisians. As a man of hench, a henchman, you could say I have, albeit erroneously, been known to serve at the haunch. The haunch being the place where the leg and the hip join. I live at this joint, somewhat behind. It can be said that this place I live, the place that gives me life… is the ass. I am an ass man.
  3. A martyr is a man who suffers persecution and death for his beliefs. A heathen is one who suffers persecution and death for yours.
  4. The first of its kind is often the most joyous time in history, the last of it’s kind the saddest.
  5. Her light exertion in the morning sun, aggrieves the sensible and brings on my osphresiolagnia

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