Saturday, December 26, 2009

What was your best present?

Usually when somebody asks you, "what was the best gift you got this year?" They are waiting for something "new socks" or "a car" Maybe even "an Xbox 360". So what they are expecting to hear is an affirmation of a working consumerist society within the context of a holiday that includes giving as its greatest tradition.

But if you ask me what mine is, it was conversations with my daughter Jubilee. And OK maybe the conversations didn't take place all at once but it happened this Christmas and was not in response to getting presents.

Jubilee snuggles up to me, pulls my arm to her, then hugs and kisses my hand.
Jubilee: Dad, I love you.
Me: I love you too.
Jubilee: I love to love.

Jubilee pats me on my dirty, sticking-up-in-the-morning hair.
Jubilee: You're a good boy, Dad.
Me: Thanks.
Jubilee: Dad?
Me: Yes, Jubilee?
Jubilee: You're the best.
Me: You're pretty awesome yourself.
Jubilee: Awww That's so sa-weet, Dad.

Wrap that up in a gift bag every year thank you very much.

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