Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ketchup/Catsup/Cat Soup Gambit

As relayed by my Mom:

I took Jubilee to see her Meemaw yesterday. Larry was there and we all walked up to Whitney's for lunch.
I put a big pool of ketchup on Jube's plate next to her chicken nuggets and fries. She started swirling it around with her finger and then sucking the ketchup off her fingers. Larry asked her if she liked ketchup and she said yes. She kept swirling and eating her ketchup. Larry suggested dipping a nugget in her ketchup and eating it. She told him maybe later. So now Larry asks her if she likes Cat Soup. She replies yes she does like cat soup. Then, Larry asks her if her Cat Soup is made out of Cats. She grins at him and tells him no it's not. He tells her that it is Cat Soup and it must be made of Cats. She tells Larry that he is silly and it isn't made of Cats.
I ask her, "Then what is your Cat Soup made of?". She looks up at me and says simply, "Tomatoes".

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